Must Have Baby Shower Decorations

Have you taken the responsibility of arranging a baby shower for a to-be mom? In this article, I have highlighted points you need to put a check on before I direct you to the must-have decorations to hold a memorable baby shower.

Baby showers are remembered for a long period and it’s a once in a lifetime of a chance for many moms. The things I am about to mention in this article are not limited to hosts but if to-moms who are eager to know what’s happening and want to get things right, must have a look at too. With this to-do list ascertain that your actions largely up the baby shower.

First Things First

Take a look at your budget beforehand. Now, this may vary depending upon if you are the sole person making all the arrangements or if there’s a co-host. Be very clear on your budget and keep it as flexible as you can because once you go on the field with the plan, you end up buying extra.

While doing this, confirm a date on which the occasion is to be held. Ensure that the date you select is suitable for all the guests. Here’s the question: how would you know that the guests won’t have any issue attending the function on so and so date. Simple, make a list of the guests you are willing to invite, and enquire with the most important people whose presence is valuable at the baby shower.

Take note that the guest list has verified numbers and addresses just so the invite does end up on a wrong residence. Discuss! Discuss! Discuss! What on? The baby shower theme! Think about something unique and stick to it. Concluding a theme is essential to understand the next steps in the process. 

Reserve the Location

I advise you to book your location where you wish to organize your party as the venues of events often get full and I believe you do not want to compromise on this event, especially the mothers! This location could be anything depending on the theme you are selecting. Large indoor venues, sports fields, or outdoor lawns. Take the season in your country or state into consideration. For instance, you don’t want to ruin your grand party because of the rain, right? These are the technicalities you must keep in mind while organizing a baby shower.

Let the Invites Roll Out

Since you have a guest list and the venue is decided, roll the invitations out. Now you may ask why you should give away the invites when you have not even talked about the decorations. It’s wise to inform your guests well in advance for them to make necessary arrangements like reschedule a meeting or so if it clashes with the date on which baby shower is to be held. I would say, send the invitation a month in advance as you get some spare time in hand to know if any of your guests are unable to show up and also to make necessary arrangements. There are several ways to send your invitations out. Creating a temporary website if you have time in hand or digital invites. But old is gold! Customized paper invites still woo the receivers.

Once the fundamentals are done, let’s move to the most interesting and creative part of the baby shower occasion…

Must Have Baby Shower Decorations


Is it even a baby shower if there are no balloons? Hang them on the ceiling or let them roll over the floor. There’s so much you can do with balloons. Do not go for the typical blue for a boy and pink for a girl palette. Make the theme vibrant and happening.

Banners and garlands

You can make use of banners to put up the pictures of the to-be mother and also to reveal the gender of the baby if you haven’t yet. Garlands just add beauty to the entire setup especially, a color combination of two flowers. If you want to go digital with your theme, you can set up LED screens, if that fits in your budget and play small videos and pictures. Garlands would give a royal look at the entrance.


Centrepieces are the attractions placed in the very middle of the section where the baby shower is held. Now there are numerous large size centrepiece attractions available or you can customize them on your demand but while doing so you must ensure that they are not too large, for they cover up the area and the stage or point where the to-be mom will be, making it not visible to people standing behind. Keep it simple and small but attractive enough to click pictures with!


To make it more fun and thrilling you can have confetti arranged well in advance to use it when the gender of the baby is revealed or when the to-be mom enters. What perfect use of it at the time when guests applaud? 

Ceiling decorations

Decorating ceilings depends on the type of venue you are reserving for the baby shower. In open lawns, your event planners or the team will have to put in a lot of effort to get the upper view organized. If the event is held in the evening that may go up till night then you may keep it open or you can have different coloured long cloth arranged in a way that they encompass the venue. If you have chosen an indoor venue, why not go for different shades of light?

Theme Décor

Theme décor is your tangible decorations matching with the overall theme of the baby shower. You certainly wouldn’t get the feel of the best unless these two components match. 

Paper lanterns

These would look the best if you are organizing the baby shower in the later evening. Just before you conclude the baby shower ceremony you can fly the paper lanterns in the sky to get one of the most amazing moments of the event. 

Welcome sign

Welcome signs are essential for your guests to recognize where the event is taking place. This assists when two events are happening at the same time. While aligning the welcome board, you can have balloon decorations on its side to make it look more appealing.

Treat stands or Serve ware

You must make sure that the treat stands and serve ware you use is good looking and alluring. It just adds to the beauty of the party. 

Tableware or décor

Talk to the organizers about the table decorations and the colour of the cloth they would use. Take note that the colour compliments the overall theme of the baby shower. 

Arranging a baby shower is a lot of work just like other functions and hence, it is necessary for you to go through all the relevant actions that you are needed to take by keeping a checklist.

Baby showers don’t happen often but when they do make the entire occasion count by scrutinizing the minute details.

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