Baby Shower Bingo – 3 Ways to Play + Free Printable

If there is one game you’ll find at most baby showers, it’s baby shower bingo. It’s popularity can be attributed to it being fun, interactive, and super simple for guests to play. As with most baby shower games, you’ll find many tweaks to the traditional versions, making it even more exciting (and competitive). Below are 3 ways to consider playing baby shower bingo at your next welcome baby celebration.

How to Play Baby Shower Bingo

Keyword being “bingo,” each of the different styles will still have the basic things in common. You’ll need bingo cards, something to cover the spaces, and a caller. The rules are still the same in terms of how a winner is selected, whether it’s by filling a line vertically, horizontally, diagonally or covering the entire card. And don’t forget, there’s always a free space.

The biggest differences come in how the game is played, which is described in more detail below.

3 Ways to Play Baby Shower Bingo 

Prefilled Baby Shower Bingo Cards

One way to play baby shower bingo is with prefilled cards. Each box is already filled with a baby-related term such as pacifier, stork, and crib. This game style is the way to go if you are expecting a large number of guests. It takes less time to prep and execute, which means more time to play other games. Make the game more challenging by using cards (like these) that have pictures only.

Blank Baby Shower Bingo Cards 

This way is known as baby shower “gift” bingo and is played while the mom-to-be is opening her gifts. If you choose to play this version, have guests pre-fill in their guesses as to gifts the mom-to-be will receive. As she opens each gift, guests will mark correct guesses off on their bingo cards. This is perfect for smaller, more intimate baby shower parties.

Find the Guest Baby Shower Bingo

Find the Guest baby shower bingo is the perfect game to use as an icebreaker. This particular game uses prefilled cards that have different descriptions in each space. The idea is to get guests mingling with one another and filling up their cards with names of others who fit the descriptions.

Where to Buy Baby Shower Bingo Cards

Depending on your preference, you can find baby shower bingo cards just about anywhere. The most important things to consider are theme, budget, and availability. With that in mind, consider the following options to get your hands on some pretty cute cards:

You can also create your own with an online bingo card generator.

Keep in mind that while baby shower bingo games are typically easy to prep, there is still a bit of preparation that goes into getting it set up. Instead of being tempted to wait until party day, go ahead and gather the materials you’ll need to make this game a flawless success. Most baby shower games use supplies such as pens, pencils, or objects to use for covering the card spaces. And don’t forget the prizes for the winners! 

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