25 Baby Shower Themes You Will Love

Baby showers are much more than the food, games, and gifts. They are also a time to be super creative through the theme and decorations while providing the mom and dad-to-be with essentials for their new bundle of joy. Whether you are the one expecting, or the host, we have 25 of the most creative baby shower themes to make your party one to remember.

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Beyond the Baby Shower Theme

If you start with the theme first, you can tailor the party’s decor, food, and activities to it and create a beautiful flow all the way around. Choosing a specific theme is also a great way to give guests an idea of what the parent’s preferences are. For example, a couple who travels often could have a travel-theme combined with gift requests to accommodate traveling with a baby.

The possibilities to be creative are endless and the following ideas are sure to help you think outside the box.

Unisex Baby Shower Themes

When it comes to having a unisex theme, you may be tempted to go with the classic tan, white, and pastel colors. The themes below introduce a good balance of short phrases, poppy colors, and animals.

  • Oh Baby Themed Baby Shower
  • Sunshine Themed Baby Shower
  • Bow or Bow Tie Themed Baby Shower

Cultural Baby Shower Themes

Nothing says personalization more than incorporating your culture into the baby shower theme. From a Native American tribal look to adding a religious touch, the themes below give you some great ideas to choose from.

  • Noah’s Ark Themed Baby Shower
  • Taco ‘Bout Baby Themed Baby Shower

Animal Baby Shower Themes

Animal baby shower themes are considered a classic that will never go out of style. They are super cute and offer a warm but catchy feel to the party. With these themes, making the food and beverages to match can get pretty unique. How awesome would it be to offer a yellow punch at the bumble bee-themed party or monkey cookies at the jungle-themed gathering? The party favors can easily line up with these themes as well, making it a baby shower to remember. 

  • Bumble Bee Themed Baby Shower
  • Owl Themed Baby Shower
  • Panda Themed Baby Shower

Baby Shower Themes Based on Popular Children’s Books

Using children’s books as baby shower themes has become a trending way to incorporate classic stories we heard while growing up. Book-loving moms-to-be also use these types of showers to start their babies off with a home library, filled with books given by the guests. A neat idea is to ask guests to purchase a book and write a little note to the baby on the inside. These will later be read to the new bundle of joy and doubles as a keepsake. 

  • Brown Bear Themed Baby Shower

It’s a Girl Baby Shower Themes

From all shades of pink balloons to hearts and fairies, “It’s a Girl!”-themed baby showers are always the way to go if you know the gender. 

  • Pink Heart Themed Baby Shower
  • Girl Baby Clothes Themed Baby Shower
  • Truly Fairy Themed Baby Shower

It’s a Boy Baby Shower Themes

I “mustache” you a question. Do you like boats, trains, or airplanes? Regardless of which way you go for choosing a boy-themed baby shower, below are some great ideas for creating one to remember.

While you’re deciding on a theme, don’t forget that you can start with a plain color and build from there. You can also mix a couple of themes together extra perks like photo booths and special desserts. Looking to save a few dollars and make some of your own decorations? Check out DIY Baby Shower Decorations!

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