Free Printable Baby Shower Checklist

This free baby shower checklist will help you remember all the little things and put together a party to remember.

Whether you are the mom-to-be or the host, you’ll quickly find out that there are a lot of tasks involved in hosting a baby shower. From choosing a compatible date and location to picking a theme and narrowing down food selections, a list that has it all (plus some) is what you need to make planning and executing a breeze. 

Baby Shower Planning Basics

Before getting into the small details, don’t forget the basics. Roughly three months before party time, it’s important to secure things like who will host the baby shower, where it will be held, and what the budget will be. Once these things are in order, unless it’s a surprise, have a general meeting with the mom-to-be to discuss:

  • A theme
  • How invitations will be distributed
  • The guest list

With these tasks in order, you’re ready to plan the best baby shower ever.

Baby Shower Checklist

None to Ten Weeks Before

  • Determine who will host the shower.
  • Determine a budget and who will contribute.
  • Select a date and time.
  • Pick a location.
  • Create the guest list. Ask mom for names and addresses.
  • Choose a theme for the baby shower.
  • Decide if you are mailing invitations or doing an online invitation.
  • Select and order baby shower invitations.

Six Weeks Before

Although it may seem a ways away, around six weeks is when you’ll want to prepare the invitations and mail them. This will give guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend and respond. If you’re hosting with a group of friends, make sure everyone has been delegated a task to do. Tasks to be completed during this time are:

  • If mailing invitations, prepare invitations and mail.
  • If doing an online invitation, create and send the invitation.
  • Start planning for decorations.
  • If multiple hosts, agree on who will be responsible for what.
  • Order any items that will take a while to arrive.
  • Begin menu planning or select a caterer.
  • Check in with the mother-to-be on the status of her gift registry.


With just a month left, now is the time to order the cake and make sure the food menu has been finalized. Because most baby showers have games, ordering the game prizes now will ensure they arrive on time. If you plan to give guests party favors, order those at this time as well. Check in with the mom-to-be to see if she has any special requests.

  • Order the baby shower cake or cupcakes.
  • Finalize menu or catering arrangements.
  • Plan out baby shower games.
  • Order baby shower favors and baby shower game prizes.
  • Talk with mom-to-be about any special  requests for the shower.

Two Weeks Before

To give yourself time for any last minute changes or mishaps, confirm any reservations, cake orders, and catering (if applicable). Meet with your team of host-friends and decide who will record gifts received, head up game time, take pictures, and ensure that the day-of agenda runs smoothly. 

  • Put together the baby shower favors and game prizes.
  • Confirm reservation if needed.
  • Make sure the cake is ordered.
  • Designate who will record the gifts received at the baby shower.
  • Assign someone to be the official photographer for the day.
  • Make a plan for helping mom-to-be get gifts home.
  • Order a corsage for the guest of honor.
  • Organize a day-of agenda.

One Week Before

With just a week to go, touch base with your other hosts or party planners to make sure any last-minute details are taken care of. Now is also the time to purchase food and serving supplies, bar items, and food that can be bought in advance. 

  • Shop for any food items that can be bought in advance.
  • Stock up on bar items.
  • Pick up food and serving supplies (utensils, napkins, cups, & plates).
  • Clean up around the house.
  • Communicate with your co-hosts or other party planners to make sure that all the last-minute details are taken care of.

It’s Baby Shower Time!

The day before the baby shower is set to happen, pick up the cake, purchase any last-minute items, set up the party space and decorate. This makes it a lot easier when party day arrives. On the day of the baby shower, assemble the final things, get ready to welcome guests and shower the mom-to-be with a party she’ll love.

One Day Before

  • Pick up the cake and buy ice for drinks.  Buy fresh fruit/vegetables.
  • Buy fresh flowers/balloons.
  • Set up the party space and decorate.

Day of the Baby Shower

  • Assemble food and drink.
  • Put balloons, a bow or a sign out to direct people to the location.
  • Designate a place for the gifts and for gift opening.
  • Welcome guests, enjoy the shower and honor the mom-to-be!

Do I have to follow this exact timeline?

When it comes to mapping out a timeline, you don’t have to stick to this baby shower checklist exactly. Take into consideration the type of party you’re planning. Fancy and formal events with several coordinators and planners would naturally need more time for execution. A more casual gathering with less planning needed would typically take less time and are perfect for having some on short-notice. 

Also keep in mind that planning a party depends on who’s hosting it. The more people involved could mean less time needed to get everything together versus having a one-woman host. Regardless of how you plan to approach hosting a baby shower, having a plan and checklist can make it a lot easier.

Keep our checklist handy as you plan your next baby shower. 

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