15 Fresh Baby Shower Ideas

If you, or someone you know, are expecting a new bundle of joy, this means planning a special celebration is in the works. There can be a lot to figure out, but don’t worry! We have rounded up 15 of the best baby shower ideas to get your party planning gears turning.

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Host Co-Ed Baby Shower

A co-ed shower is the perfect way to include all the important men in your life, whether it’s fathers, grandfathers, siblings, friends, neighbors, or relatives.

Our favorite co-ed baby shower themes:

  • Brew Party
  • Birdies  & Bogeys
  • Baby Q (BaByQ)

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This gender-neutral baby shower theme is the perfect way to include the entire family while enjoying a cookout style celebration. 

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Diaper Shower (a.k.a. Diaper & Wipes Shower)

A diaper shower is the perfect celebration for babies after the first, dads-to-be, couples who already have everything, or to simply put a spin on the traditional baby shower.

Art Print Guest Book

Use an art print of your choice as a guest book. It’ll be a cherished keepsake and a special piece of wall decor for the new baby’s bedroom.

Baby Sprinkle

No matter how many children a couple has, they all deserve a celebration. That’s where a baby sprinkle comes in. These showers are geared toward celebrating the second child, and particularly a hit for families who already have all they need.

Activities Instead of Games

Give your party a different feel with activities instead of games, putting a unique variation in the traditional way of hosting a baby shower.

Books Instead of Cards

Cards are usually read once (maybe twice) then tossed. To shower babies with even more gifts, especially those that will double as a keepsake and get plenty of use, consider asking for books instead of cards. Have guests write a special message to the baby on the inside cover. 

Diaper Raffle

Have guests bring a pack of diapers with them to the party. For every pack they bring, they will receive a raffle ticket to be entered into a drawing for a special prize.

Dollar Tree Decorations

For a baby shower on the budget, Dollar Tree to the rescue! You can find tons of party decorations, party favors, and more.

Virtual Baby Shower

Can’t meet in person for the “real thing”? Consider hosting a party that everyone can attend. It’s as easy as choosing a video conferencing platform, sending invitations, and showing up – virtually!

Outdoor/Garden Baby Shower

When two of the best environments collide – outdoors and garden – it can make for an incredibly beautiful and soothing baby shower. Not to mention, using nature itself can cut a fraction of the decoration costs. 

Tea Party

If you’re looking for a way to have an elegant baby shower, hosting a tea party is the way to go. Everything from the invites and foods to beverages and decor can have the super cute tea theme. Not to mention, you can go the extra mile and have the guests wear fascinator hats!


Partying during brunch can be just as fun as the traditional afternoon or evening baby shower. Think donuts, french toast sticks, and macarons paired with a good juice, punch, or coffee. Your guests will love the look and taste of this celebration.

Night Out

Girl’s nights out aren’t only for the single or soon-to-be married gal. Moms-to-be can enjoy a nice evening out to celebrate their new bundle of joy. These showers are perfect for second-time moms or for moms who already have what they need for a baby. Chic outfits, lounge music, and a space for dancing are the highlight of this kind of shower.

Pamper Mom-to-Be/ Spa Party

Whether you choose to host this baby shower idea at an actual spa or set up a spot at home, you can never go wrong with pampering the mom-to-be. Pedicures, foot soaks, massaged, back rubs, and finger foods will make any spa party a real treat.

Regardless of the style you choose, don’t forget the other important stuff. Snag our free baby shower checklist to help make your party planning a breeze.

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