Who Traditionally Hosts A Baby Shower?

Who traditionally hosts a baby shower has been a frequently asked question over the years. A baby shower is a time to celebrate the newest family member, and this can often be done in different ways. It might just be a gathering of intimate friends of the expectant mother or even a bachelor party.

Amidst all the numerous planning and invitations for this special occasion, the question of who traditionally hosts a baby shower has remained controversial, and we will see why.

Traditionally, family members that were not close to the parents often hosted the baby shower to debunk the idea of lobbying for gifts. However, it has now become a normal thing for a close family member to do the hosting.

Traditionally, close friends, cousins, aunts, sisters-in-law, or coworkers of the mother-to-be hosted baby showers.   Because gifts are central to showers, hosting by a member of the honoree’s (or husband’s) immediate family appeared self-serving. Today it is appropriate for anyone to host a baby shower as long as there’s a legitimate reason. – The Emily Post Institute 

In fact, there are even co-hosts for the shower to make the preparation easier. All these being said, the mom herself hosting the baby shower is never ideal.

Baby Shower Etiquette for the Mom-to-Be

While etiquette guidelines for most events would remain mostly flexible, the ethical aspect of the baby shower is also a major talking point. Some schools of thought believe that it is mostly done for self-gratification, and this one reason why the mom-to-be or spouse should not host the shower.

As an expectant mother present at your baby’s shower, your main task should be to receive the gift and enjoy being the guest of honor. You might also decide to help the host out with the refreshment. However, this is optional. Never ask anyone to throw a baby shower for you.

Also, there are no hard and fast rules on the number of guests. The baby shower is mostly done within four to six weeks of the expected delivery date. Weekends are a great time for who traditionally hosts a baby shower to do so because of flexibility in people’s schedules. Besides, you can have multiple showers.

Who Traditionally Pays for a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, the shower host pays for all costs of the baby shower. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see hosts splitting the responsibility across close family members and friends. It never hurts to reduce the financial burden on the host.

As a crucial part of the baby shower etiquette, you should not be found asking the mom-to-be for any financial assistance concerning the baby shower. Depending on your preferences, a number of guests, and a menu, the budget should be around a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars on the average.

Baby Shower for Each Side of the Family

It is okay for any family member or close friend to host the baby shower for the right reason. Because of time and distance constraints, it might not be very convenient for both families involved to partake in the shower.

For this reason, several showers may be hosted, and as long as members of each family get along, there would be no problems.

In the end, many of these etiquettes are conditional, and what matters the most is that you have fun and enjoy the special day with your loved ones. Do not let all the planning and logistics deprive you of a memorable shower.

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