The Perfect Baby Shower Invitation Wording

The affirmative news that you are going to be parents is full of joy particularly for the mothers for they always share a special bond with the child, right from the womb. Right after the news, you are curious and excited to perform all the positive rituals, get-togethers, before welcoming the baby. I understand you want to give the best to your children even before they are born.

The baby shower is one of the events when you get to share the joy of having a baby with your neighbours, friends, and relatives. This occasion has its own beauty and could be celebrated in a customized way as per your wish, particularly the mothers. I understand they want exemplary arrangements for the ceremony and perhaps, will go crazy on the fathers if anything goes wrong, even with the invites.

Once you have arranged the activities, the food, songs, etc., you want to organize at the function, the question of writing a perfect baby shower invitation rises. Baby showers could be co-ed and more or less traditional, just the way you want it to be and that is how it needs to be announced in your invitation card. In this article on how to write a perfect baby shower or announcement, I am highlighting certain etiquettes that can help you create an exclusive invite.

Don’t Skip The Essentials

When you write the invitation for your child’s baby shower, it is essential that you do not miss out on the basic information that is needed to be conveyed to the receivers.

Mention your names on the invitation cards as you are the parents to the child and also the date and time you are planning to hold the ceremony on. Be clear on the location of the venue. This ensures the guests reach the setting conveniently and not end up calling you or the host for directions.

On the same lines, if there’s a host that is looking after the organization of the entire event, it is advised that you name them. Most importantly, you can showcase the gender of your child or why not keep it a surprise? Let them guess!

Who Is It For?

Baby showers could either be co-ed or if you want it more traditional than you can plan to have two events for your baby. The “only women” ceremony for the mother.

Let’s not leave the father out! You can arrange a diaper party where only men are invited to share the happiness.

When you decide the type of baby shower you want to organize, form a guest list you want to send invites to. This helps to ensure that no name is left and assists in sending invitation cards systematically.

The Right Time To Invite

Don’t be too early or too late to send the invites out. Depending on the date you have finalized to hold the event, send the invitations one month in advance. This helps the guest to make arrangements if they have other meetings scheduled on that day and also to let you know if they can make it to the ceremony.

Informing people in advance also helps the people to select the best gift to present to your baby. There’s no harm in inviting them earlier than a month, but at times, considering the busy life people are leading there’s a possibility that they miss out on the baby shower’s date. Inviting them 15 days in advance is a great time too, to keep the excitement alive.

If It’s A Boy!

If you have decided to unveil the gender of your child to the guests then this one’s for you. Show them how thrilled you are to welcome your baby boy in this world. Search for the right words that express how happy you are to have the child. Do not overexpress, you certainly don’t want to appear excessively excited.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording For a Boy

“Shower your blessings in the event of baby showers on our baby boy…”

If It’s A Girl!

Fathers are the happiest to become a dad to a baby girl. You need to put the right wordings to get the perfect invitation card for your girl’s baby shower. Don’t go over the top while expressing your happiness. Work on balancing your thoughts and words to come out with an astonishing invitation card.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording For a Girl

“Your presence will add value to the baby shower ceremony of our baby girl…”

When It’s A Surprise

When you haven’t yet revealed the gender of your child, the curiosity amongst your relatives increases. They are excited to know the new member of your family. Grasp this opportunity and send them one of the best invites, where you can ask them their guesses on if it’s a boy or a girl!

“What is your guess? Girl or a boy? Send you a confirmation with a reply to this invite…” (Well, those who cannot attend can still pass their guess!)

The Co-Ed Shower

This baby shower is less traditional and you can invite all your friends and relatives irrespective of their gender. Such a ceremony increases the fun of the event and adds thrill to the activities performed.

You could use sentences like, both the parents of XYZ (if they have a child) are invited to the baby shower of our new member in the family. Make sure you are transparent with your words and they know that both are invited to the ceremony.

“By breaking stereotypes, we are glad to invite both of you for the baby shower ceremony…”

Though the event is small, baby showers require a lot of effort to be put in, right from organizing the activities, lunch or dinner, choosing the perfect dishes and cake. Then comes one of the major parts of the event i.e. creating a perfect invitation for the baby shower.

The invites are a way to tell people that you remember them in your happiness and a unique invitation surges their enthusiasm for the ceremony. Ascertain that you do not add a lot of information on the card to avoid it to look disenchanting. Keep it short and crisp, adding only the relevant information as I have suggested above in this article.

If you plan to hold certain games for the kids that will join you in your happiness then add a list of games you are organizing for them. One distinctive thing you can ask your guests to do is bring one book for your child as a gift that will support him in his overall development as a kid.

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