What to Write In a Baby Shower Card

The baby shower is a sweet, fun moment and you need to prepare accordingly. Getting a gift is very important, but you also want to offer a baby shower card. It’s a good idea to know what to write inside the baby shower card, so here you have a few tips and tricks to help you achieve that.

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Wishes of health

Since it’s all about the cute baby, sharing some wishes of health is a very good idea. You need to write down some positive ideas showing that you really want the baby to be very healthy and happy.

  • May both of you be healthy and happy
  • Good health to your child as he has lots of sleep and plenty of joy
  • We wish you a safe delivery and a very healthy baby

Wishes for a girl

It’s a good idea to have the baby shower card fully customized according to the baby’s gender. If it’s a girl, you can use some of the ideas below.

  • We are very excited to be introduced to your baby daughter
  • A little girl is the soul in the room, she brings emotions and you get to be there with her every step of the way.
  • One moment you’re dressing her in pink bows and tutus, the next moment you help her with her bridal gown. Time passes fast, but you get to enjoy it with your little girl.

Wishes for a boy

Those wishes for a boy can be very interesting, the idea here is to come up with something cool and funny.

  • If he’s like his father, this cute boy will transform into a handsome, charismatic man
  • We can’t wait to meet your boy, thank you for letting us be a part of this great event.
  • Prepare your bikes, balls, toy cars and bikes, your little man is coming and we couldn’t be happier.

Wishes of wisdom

Here you want to offer support and some pretty simple ideas. It can be fun and different.

  • The best thing that you can possibly spend on your baby is time. Enjoy it because it flies by fast.
  • Pamper yourself and the baby too, this is a great time in your life.
  • Life might become more chaotic with a new baby on the way, but it also becomes the nicest time you ever had.

Funny messages

You can also share some fun messages on the baby shower card. The idea is to be creative and come up with ideas that work for you.

  • Remember those cool nights when you went out and partied? Those are gone, now you will spend them pampering your child.
  • Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep!
  • A single smile from your baby is worth dozens of diaper changes!

When you write a baby shower card, you are free to choose what kind of message you want to share. It can be a thoughtful one or it can be all about fun. The idea is to take your time, prevent any rush and really take your time to bring in front amazing results. Use that to your own advantage and come up with some cool messages right away or you can use the ones presented here!

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